Valentine Present Ideas - Unique, Beautiful Gift Ideas

From your love, to your crush, and your Gal-entine to yourself.  Valentine's day is all about love and care. Hazel Charm Shop has compiled a guide curated to this very holiday for all your gifting needs.

1. Valentine's Heart

Personalized hand-formed copper heart with yours and yours-truly names. This keepsake is sure to shine with a beautiful aurora crystal attached to the bottom.

2. Engraved Love Note 

With texts and emails at our fingertips, a love note has taken a new meaning.  Let's bring it back this holiday with a new and improved forever love note. Write down a declaration of your love, send it in, and have it engraved on a keepsake ornament your true love is sure to admire.

3. Red Rose Ornament

Red roses are a Valentine's day staple, here's a fresh twist to the typical bouquet you'd be gifting this year. The flowers are attached to the wire ornament with beautiful intricate swirl details. There's a continuous pop of color without the wilting mess of real flowers. 

 4. Love Car Charm

Spend Gal-entine's day with your friends this year! Gift these incredible car charms as favors at your party. These are a well loved accessory that can come personalized, or with a simple "Love." These are sure to add that wow factor to your mid-week ladies night. 


5. Couple's Heart Ornament

How about giving your honey your heart? One of the best sellers for Valentine's day is this personalized heart ornament. Check out the simplicity of this timeless decoration. It's sure to whoa that special Valentine. 



 6. Handwriting Wallet Insert

Gift an adorable artwork wallet insert.