Top Gifts for Loss of a Parent

Losing a loved one is hard. Losing a parent is even hard and almost unbearable to imagine it happening to yourself. Here's a list of the top nine gifts to send to someone who lost their parent.

1. Remembrance Ornament

Beautifully intertwined copper wire creates this breathtaking keepsake ornament sure to be passed down as an heirloom item.

2. Handwriting Ornament

Have you recently found a card with a loved one's handwriting or signature? Summit it, and have it engraved on a beautiful stainless steel ornament.

3. Cremation Urn Ornament

Store cremated ashes in the rose gold or silver heart urn attached to this beautiful ornament. 


4. A Piece of my Heart has Wings

5. Moon and Star Sun Catcher

6. Heaven Gained an Angel

7. Angel Wings Ornament

8. Heaven in our home

9. Personalized Car Charm