Engraved Handwritten Gift Guide

These custom engraved handwriting gifts are the perfect choice to turn a loved one’s note into a treasured piece of art. These gifts provide an extraordinary and unique way to convey a special message. Choose from the selection of personalized keychains and ornaments. Once you order, email Kathleen@HazelCharmShop.com with your order number and an image of your handwritten message and it will be engraved as a special keepsake that will mean the world to its recipient.

1. Dog Tag Keychain

2. Handwriting Ornament with Angel Wings

This ornament features angel wings making it a lovely remembrance gift honoring someone truly missed.

3. Love Note Ornament

4. Handwriting Angel


5. Circle Keychain

6. Bouquet Charm

For the bride walking down the aisle with that special loved one looking down on her. This bouquet charm is a beautiful way to pay tribute to loved ones who can't be with the bride on her special day.

7. Heart Keychain

8. Sound Wave / Heartbeat 

This isn't handwriting necessarily, but this keychain can transform either the heartbeat of a baby or the voice memo of your beloved. Send in either your recording or the image and we'll take care of the rest.