8 Sympathy Gift Ideas for a Grieving Friend or Loved One

When someone we care for experiences tragedy or loss, oftentimes we wish that we could do something to lesson their grief and ease their pain. It can be challenging to choose a truly meaningful and appropriate sympathy gift because each person deals with grief and sadness in their own way. It can be helpful to remember that anything you do to show your love and support will be appreciated. During trying times such as those of loss, your support can mean the world to your loved one.

We've complied a list of 8 personalized keepsakes to remember the departed by. 

1. Remembrance Ornament (with or without angel wings)

Remember someone dear with the exquisite Remembrance Ornament. This design is exclusive to Hazel Charm Shop and handcrafted with copper wire.

2. Handwriting Ornament or Keychain

These engraved ornaments and keychains are a beautiful way to preserve a loved ones handwriting- especially since handwriting is becoming a lost art.

3. Moon and Star Ornament

Name an actual star or figurative star in honor of the passing of your loved one. This makes a tasteful bereavement gift to add to a care package.

4. In Loving Memory Ornament

Memorial ornaments like this one provide a keepsake to pass down so future generations can cherish them on their Christmas trees and every day after.

5. Cremation Urn Ornament

Get a fillable urn ornament to give as a sympathy gift to someone who is hurting and missing someone. These ornaments have a vial that can be filled with ashes. Every order comes with a mini funnel and directions to help fill the urn.

6. Filigree Cross

We love this beautiful 5 inch cross ornament in memory of your loved one. 

7. Rear View Mirror Car Charm

Car charms add a little special touch to your rear view mirror and are fast becoming a popular memorial.

 8. Too Beautiful for Earth

Celebrate the life and achievements of a loved one who has passed with the ornament "Too beautiful for earth". Honor their memory and send your condolences to the bereaved.